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We are Pros Fc.
We aims at offering brilliant Flow Solutions! 


We possess several subsidiaries, distributor partners and qualified suppliers cover ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, needle valves, Special valves and other industry equipments.

We are in such industries as oil and gas, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power stations, urban construction, water supply, and energy companies, etc.

We have built great systems with huge machining capabilities, constantly progressing both in Engineering, Sourcing and of Contracting. The most essential aspect of our group is having experienced teams to support those who complete all work successfully.

Detailed suppliers audit system includes regular evaluation, division management, coordinating each different part, updating valuable real suppliers’ data automatically through our internal quality system, and finally, forming a great supplier chain and sharing information easily.

Professional Quality Control, we proudly possess our own laboratory as per ISO17025 standard for chemical and physical test, impact test, hardness test, metallographic analyses, corrosion test, etc.; we have our own NDE team with international certificates; our In-house testing include shell and sealing, function test, torque test, FET, anti-static test and cryogenic treatment and test etc.