Development Road for the Valve Manufacturers

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Development Road for the Valve Manufacturers

Although there is still a gap between China's valve industry and the international advanced level nowadays, China's valve industry has already gone through the simple copy and absorption period. Take valves as an example, manufacturers should look for the further development of the technical approach, comprehensively analyzing and thinking about the technical and product development trends from a deep perspective when analyzing and learning the foreign advanced valve products.

Usually, we mainly consider factors like the material, structure, mechanical strength, performance, service life in product design. However, with the development of the times, people-oriented ideas have penetrated into all areas of social life. We can clearly feel changes from various kinds of industrial pipeline facilities. They meticulously consider users’ feelings and reflect the importance of environmental protection and energy conservation from many aspects such as safety, energy saving, environmental protection, etc . We should explore new ideas and inject new concepts into valves, which are the widely used thermal energy machinery products in the chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy as well as other industries and are closely related to people's daily life. 

With the progress of technology, working conditions with high parameters and complex requirements such as high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, radioactivity, highly toxic, flammable and explosive materials in the industrial production also increase, which puts more stringent requirements on the safety, functional reliability and service life of globe valves. So the development of various types of globe valves with high parameters naturally becomes a common concern of valve manufacturers, engineering design departments and users. The major technical obstacle is to solve the problem of material.


Materials science is considered to be one of the most promising disciplines of the new century. New high-performance materials have constantly come out in the past years. At the same time, many new processes and facilities of casting, welding, spray welding, spray coating, compound technology and sintering have appeared. The valve manufacturers should pay close attention to the information, trends and achievements of material engineering research and development, and then apply them to the valve products in time. It is an important technical method to develop valves with high performance and parameters.

In the current era, the information technology is developing rapidly and the intelligence as well as information are constantly changing the industrial production, agricultural production and people's social life. The  valve, as a terminal actuator for controlling fluid movement in pipelines, if it is given modern computing technology, sensing technology, network, remote control technology and intelligent technology, it will be endowed with a new concept, resulting in the production of globe valves of new structures and working mechanism which are completely different from the original ones and achieving the real upgrading of valve products.

There are many types of valves and the market demand of valves keeps changing. The production scale and technical level of valve manufacturers are remarkably diverse, and there are many common points in companies’ product development trends and technical means of development. If the enterprises can combine their own conditions with the scientific technical method to determine their own goals of new product development, they will avoid many unnecessary detours and promote the sustainable and health development of China's valve industry.

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