Y Type Check Valve

PROS Y Type Check Valve as one-way valve or non-return valve. It's a kind of valve with opening and closing part opens and closes automatically driven by flow and force of medium to prevent backflow of medium. Check valve is automatic valve, and mainly applied on pipeline with medium flows in one direction.

Valve Brand:
Valve Structure:
Check Valve
Valve Material:
Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel etc.
Nominal Diameter:
Work Temperature:
Valve End Connection:
Valve Pressure Range
Class 800~2500

Main Features :

PROS Y Type Check Valve is used to prevent back flow in the line. Flow is in a straight line through the valve resulting in minimal pressure drop. The disc swings into the open position as the media flows through the line. Back pressure in the line holds the disc in the closed position. The valve body is of Y shape with low resistance .

Design Features :

Applied widely;

Rapid closing and flexible actions of the valve disc;

Small closing impact;

Simple structure, small size and light weight;

Easy to operate, open and close quickly;

Product Detailes :

Valve Brand PROS
Valve Structure Check Valve 
Valve Material Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel/Alloy steel  etc.
Nominal Diameter 1/2"~2"
Valve End Connection  RF, RTJ, BW
Valve Pressure range  Class 800 – 2500
Working temperature -101℃~+650℃
Certificate BS1868,ASME B16.34, GB/T 12235